Spacer Sock (left) and

Spacer Sock Hole-in-Toe with Reinforced Toe (right)

Stretch Spacer Sock









The Knit-Rite Spacer Socks are 1-ply, light or heavy weight, white, with reciprocal toe that has the seam one inch up from the distal end (like a sheath). Toe is rounded and reinforced for good fit and long wear. The blended cotton polyester fabric is soft, comfortable and absorbent. Prewashed so size remains after wash.


Stretch Spacer Socks provide improved fitting qualities, range of motion, and reduced migration. Because they grip the residuum for a very intimate fit and have a smooth surface (not ribbed), they are ideal for casting and computer modeling. Like the original Spacer Socks, they feature a very soft and smooth cotton finish with a durable sheath-type toe, including rounded reciprocal toe for distal comfort. Medium single-ply thickness. Spacer and Stretch Spacer socks sold package of 6.



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